Alliant Personal Loan

Alliant Personal Loan

There are credit lines aimed at individuals who need a breather in their budget for a certain objective. It is worth researching to identify which one best suits your profile. So, check out what is a personal loan.

In this modality, the applicant does not need to present a property as collateral for the operation, nor link the amount to a good that will be acquired, as in financing.

A personal loan is a transaction in which a financial entity specifically delivers a monetary sum to a client, who must repay the loan within an agreed time period plus interest.

Positive Points Negative Points
The payment terms are the longest in the market A credit analysis is required to apply for a loan
Responses on the loan are usually very fast Have an active bank account

This type of credit differs from others in that it is delivered without additional guarantees or collateral, as is often the case, for example, with home loans, where in addition to the customer's personal responsibility, proof of a guarantee is required.

It also differs from credit cards in that it has a credit line available to the customer that can be used as many times as he wants as long as it covers the payments before they are due.

While personal credit has a defined term, and when the deal is finalized, another procedure must be initiated to start a new credit.

As simple as it is to understand how to get a personal loan, prior planning should not be forgotten. This is because the loan should be a solution for an emergency, with the commitment to repay the amount.

Therefore, it is necessary to have structured financial planning. In this way, you will know exactly what a personal loan is.

Thus, the payment of the installments will not weigh heavily on your budget, and you will not generate a default debt. This avoids the application of interest, which can compromise your name.

24-hour customer service
No Hidden Fees
No hidden fees for loan application
Security system in place to prevent fraud
Online application
Fully online loan application process

In this publication we will show you a little more about the Alliant Personal Loan.


The Alliant Personal Loan has no fees for the advance payments of the credit requested. It is ideal for those who need money for an emergency but are planning to pay it off more quickly. So, click on the button below and request your loan.

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Alliant's personal loan rates range from 10.49% to 12.49%, and vary according to the terms. The longer the terms, the higher the rates.

Terms and amounts

Alliant personal loan terms vary from 12 to 60 months for repayment. In addition the loan amounts range from $1,000 to $50,000, and it is possible to request the highest amount on your first application.

So, learn a little more about the loan and apply for it by clicking on the button below.

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By Agustina Romero

Agustina Romero is a 40-year-old woman, born and resident in the city of Mendoza, located in Argentina. She has a degree in Psychology from "Mendoza University", and a post-graduate degree in Financial Management, showing that the search for knowledge is a constant in her life.

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