Capital One Spark Cash Plus Credit Card

Capital One Spark Cash Plus Credit Card

In many ways, the Capital One Spark Cash Plus Card, Capital One's newest business credit card, is a clear upgrade over the original Capital One Spark Cash for Business credit card, offering greater purchasing power with no preset spending limit.

Positive points Negative points
Simplified structure offers 2% unlimited refund Annual fee $ 150
Offers cardholders extensive control No opportunity to transfer rewards

A huge welcome bonus and a $200 annual cash bonus after spending $200,000 or more each year. Its flat 2% cash back rate on all qualifying purchases also makes it simple to receive rewards and can result in substantial savings over time.

You and your employees' cards will earn unlimited 2% cash back on almost all of your business purchases. You will also receive 5% cash back when you book a hotel or rental through Capital One Travel. The only expenses that Capital One considers ineligible for rewards are products you return, cash equivalent transactions, and account costs.

No foreign transaction fees
Welcome offer
Up to a $1,000 cash bonus
Annual bonus
200 cash bonus
Purchase Protection

Welcome Offer

New cardholders can get a very big sign-up bonus with Spark Cash Plus: up to $1,000 cash bonus, with $500 earned after spending $5,000 in the first three months and another $500 earned after spending $50,000 in the first six months. Click the button below and apply for your card:

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Rewards Rate

Spark Cash Plus lives up to the guiding principle of Capital One cards: provide one of the easiest rewards programs imaginable. You'll earn unlimited flat-rate cash back on all qualifying purchases with no spending limits or bonus categories to juggle, and your rewards won't expire for the life of your account. You can also earn 5% cash back on hotels and car rentals booked through Capital One Travel.

Annual Cash Back Bonus of $200

One of the key new features that seems to explain the inflated annual fee is the $200 annual cash bonus that you can earn after spending at least $200,000 per year. This is a fantastic addition for companies that can meet the spending requirements, as it covers more than the annual fee, but you would have to spend about $16,700 per month to qualify.

Travel Benefits and Purchase Protections

Your qualifying purchases are protected against theft, loss, damage or fire for up to 90 days with purchase security, and your qualifying warranties are supplemented with extended protection. Meanwhile, your lost luggage and qualified rental car protection can be covered by a refund policy if you pay with your card. Click the button below and apply for your card:

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